About Myself

Dr. sc. hum. Rüdiger Retzlaff, Diplompsychologe

Rüdiger Retzlaff

Psychotherapist & Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

Faculty member at the Helm Stierlin Institut
Clinical Director of the State Licencure Ttraining Program in Systemic Therapy with adults (HSI)
Private Practice in Heidelberg-Handschuhsheim
Educator and supervisor in systemic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy and hypnotherapy (AFTA, BDP, DGSF, DGVT, DVT, LPK-BW)
Educating coach (SG)

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board DPTV

Curriculum vitae

born in 1957, married,  two children. After school  and high school in Germany and in Great Britain at the United World College of the Atlantic (with a grant from Studienstiftung) studies of clinical psychology  at the University of Tübingen; Diploma 1985. Postgraduate studies in Berkeley (with a grant by Fulbright-Foundation); State license in psychotherapy and child & adolescents psychotherapy in  1991; Ph.D. in 2007 at the University of Heidelberg Medical School

Extended professional experience at counselling centers (school psychology, child guidance centres, family treatment centre Stuttgart-Sonnenberg) and hospitals (Psychiatric State Hospital Nordbaden, Psychosomatic Department  at Heidelberg University Hospital, Director of the Clinic of Mairtal and Famil Therapy at Heidelberg University Hospital for more than 20 years). Private Practice since 1991.

Psychotherapeutic Training in Marital and Family Therapy (California Graduate School of Marital and Family Therapy and  Philadephia Child Guidance Clinic), in  Systemic Therapy (IGST ), in Clinical Hypnosis (MEG and with Carol Erickson, M.S.W),  NLP-Practioner (DGNLP), Clincial Psychologist/ Psychotherapist (BDP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (IFKV Bad Dürkheim and at the Psychological Institute of the University of Tübingen), Psychodynamic Therapy (Psychosomatic Department  at Heidelberg University Hospital),  training in body-oriented and humanistic therapy approaches (including Gestalt therapy with Erv and Miriam Polster, in Tai Chi with L. Tsoja and the Feldenkrais-method with Roger Russell).


LKP-BW Landespsychotherapeutenkammer Baden-Württemberg
Member of the State Board of Psychotherapy Regulation
AFTA     American Family Therapy Academy
DGSF    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Familientherapie und Systemische Therapie
DGVT    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verhaltenstherapie
DPTV    Deutsche Psychotherapeutenvereinigung
DVT      Dachverband für Verhaltenstherapie
M.E.G.   Milton-Erickson-Gesellschaft
SG       Systemischen Gesellschaft (Honorary Member)

Honorary activities

Beziehungsweise e.V.
Elternhilfe Rett-Syndrom
Psychosoziale Dienstleistungen Bergstraße

Teaching and training

Institut für klinische Verhaltenstherapie (IFKV) Bad Dürkheim
Lindauer Psychotherapie-Wochen
Stuttgarter Zentrum für Verhaltenstherapie (SZVT)
Faculty member at the Helm Stierlin Institut (HSI) Heidelberg

Zentrum für Psychologische Psychotherapie (ZPP) at the University of Heidelberg

Norddeutsches Institut für Kurzzeitherapie (NIK)

WTTS Poznan